Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spring 2010

A new semester has arrived. With it comes another opportunity for the growth of the New Tractarians. We will once again be meeting regularly and discussing topics relevant to a faithful university.

Our work is of utmost importance. Everywhere people are despairing, and not even just bitter cynics but also well-meaning people. It's almost heartbreaking to see the disappointment that Notre Dame and other Catholic Universities are causing. In times like these, when tragedy after tragedy strikes our world, the world needs the voice of truth. The Church is that Voice, as it is the Body of Christ. The University, as a place of higher education is a huge instrument in this effort. Any instrument can go out of tune; sometimes so much that the strings or valves need replacement. However, just because a valuable instrument was given a horrible paint job, or bad strings installed (and not may can deny that Notre Dame was a valuable instrument at one time) doesn't mean it must be destroyed. We must carefully wash off the ugly paint, restring it and re-varnish it. However, although we can help, it is not we who do this work but the master builder, the Stradivarius. In short, it is God's work and it is only by uniting our work to his can we be successful, fruitful and faithful.

Currently our plans are as follows:
• Discussions concerning the Theology of work and other similar things.
• Having speakers from different disciplines come and talk on the impact of theology (in the technical Newman definition) on their disciplines
• Proposing seminar style one credit courses on theology in different disciplines

If anyone has any suggestions for topics for discussion, please feel free to bring them up. We're always looking for new topics.

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