Monday, November 2, 2009


Happy All Saints Day, for those of you who like to celebrate the Church Triumphant.

Happy All Souls Day, for those of you who like to pray for the Church Suffering.

Happy Monday for those of you who have the experience of being a member of the Church Militant.

We had a meeting yesterday. We discussed the bearing of theology on Math and Vocal performance. As usual though, we went of on a tangent, and as also often happens, the tangent was more productive.

Tangent: What if a Catholic University had a Theology course for each field of study? Specifically, we talked about what it would mean to have a Theology course for Architecture/Engineering and Natural Science.

We thought that perhaps this could be something we could write about. Next meeting, we will come up with a good cohesive topic. Look for the first Tract coming soon.

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